Puddles of Roses

Puddles of Roses
Wed July 27 2011
The Waldorf
2 Rooms!
8:30 pm-2am

Ambiguous Arts Festivals presents Puddles of Roses at the Waldorf, Wed July 27th.
     This show started as something simple, an idea hatched in a moment of time between friends, but was quickly met with such enthusiasm and originality that it has now morphed into what promises to be the sexiest one night festival we've had the pleasure, nay, the preposterous desire to be apart of. Sweaty dance party meeting the steam lounge... we take no responsibilities for what may happen.
     Ambiguous Arts picked Vancouver's most exciting emerging musicians and bands, teamed them with a few out of towner's, mingled some exciting DJ's to bring you a night where you can drift between delicious sultry music in the steam lounge, or an epic afro beat, gypsy-roots, swing dance party in the main room.....

:::::::::::::Main Room:::::::::::
Miami Device
Blackberry Wood
The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra
Lady Ra

:::::::::::::::::Steam Lounge:::::::::::::::
The Tailor
Flying Fox and Hunter Gatherers
Sons of Granville

The doors open at 8:30 pm, and bands begin at 9. There is not a single band to be missed, and lordy knows a few surprises up our sleeves, so come early, stay late, and for a night, melt into a puddle of roses......


The Tailor
One of Vancouver's most sought after performers, AA is thrilled to have The Tailor performing both a live set, and djng through out the night "With his liquid movements and from-the-depth-of-emotion voice, the Tailor sent the place into a trance. A good kind of trance though, one that would make doing dishes a sexy evening task" – Denver Westword

"Reminiscent of an old troubadour with a ragtime feel, The Tailor was a clown prince of an opening act. Warming the crowd with witty banter, and an utterly sensual vibe, he had everyone in the crowd wondering how they could get their hands on his music" – Examiner Boulder

The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra
"...exciting musical growth and exploration that feeds off the instant connection they establish with their audience the minute they start playing. Gypsy Ska meets Bluegrass on the dance floor and the crowd goes nuts!"-Dan Cowan, Skaspot Live Network

Emerging as Canada's most exciting young roots band, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra's faithful underground following has expanded to National awareness and will see them playing festivals and stages across Canada and The US! AA is in awe that we've managed to get them for one of their only shows in Vancouver this year!

"Their infectious stage presence is an irresistible assault of crazed gypsy-ska-folk-grass mayhem!" -Ben Hood, New world Theatre
www.ttmo.ca    see poster >>

Miami Device
Miami Device is a 9-piece Afro-beat/Funk band based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since their inception in 2007 the band has grown from a small four-piece funk experiment into the deep grooving, Fela Kuti inspired, juggernaut that exists today. With heavy driven horns atop syncopated guitars and layered percussion they produce a dance inducing, highly energetic live show.

The band boasts an incredible roster of local talent including members of Five Alarm Funk, Rude City Riot, The Carnival Band and Foundation. Their dynamic, rhythmically complex and extremely funky live show has seen them share the stage with internationally acclaimed acts like K-OS and Chin Chin.

Miami Device's live show is a truly memorable experience. An incredibly unique sound and an energetic live show keeps venues packed to the brim and fans consistently coming back again and again. The folks at AA have been listening to their music non stop since finding them. We are absolutely positive you won't be able to stop dancing once you start....

Lady Ra
Emerging as one of Vancouvers most exciting djs, AA has been regularly blown away with Lady Ra's Surprising ability to bind world beats, swing, jazz, and many of her other passions seamlessly for the dance floor.

She travels both overland and underground, to places both near and far; Yemen, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Spain, Cuba, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia being but a few. She does so with her ear to the ground, seeking out and weaving old and new world sounds into rich musical tapestries hailing from the Four Corners of Earth.

Flying Fox and The Hunter Gatherers
We couldn't say it better than this if we tried:::!
"This outfit effortlessly blends jazz, pop, rock and folk to create a bombastic sound that has no shortage of swagger."

"[Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers] takes hundreds of years of musical history from diverse genres and presents it in a way that packs dance floors and makes any musician in the audience run back to their teacher in tears."
(The Uniter)

"Exhilarating and joyfully noisy, this inspired rock opera left its opening night audience roaring with wholehearted approval."
(Winnipeg Free Press, 4.5 star review of The Wild Things show at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival)

AA is thrilled to bring Flying Fox and Hunter Gatherers to Vancouver for their second time. Come out and see what all the festivals are raving about!

Blackberry Wood
Blackberry Wood is a wonderful, secret and magic combination of alt-country-gypsy-circus music. A high-energy cabaret spin on old and modern music adding spicy flavours like exotic world beats, jumpin' ska, folk, punk ‘n many other irresistible body shakin’, foot stompin’ delights to their original and timeless musical-down-home ol’ style adventures. Blackberry Wood comes down the road like a travelling caravan, with all kinds of wondrous instruments, vocal melodies and fantastically costumed characters. AA is thrilled to present Blackberry Wood and their new inception of music and mayham!

Sons Of Granville
Best known as an integral part of Vancouver's busking culture, this fiddle and guitar combo stopped members of Ambiguous Arts short while walking down Granville street. Having just recorded a new album, Sons of Granville are our favorite best kept secret.


.....is our surprise.....

We will not be releasing set times, so make sure to come on time to catch every whisper of magic.... zzzzzzzzzzuha.......my heartloins have goosebumps!

Puddles of Roses
Wednesday July 27th
The Waldorf Hotel
tix $12
Available at Red Cat and High Life