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The Almost Summer Hoedown

Saturday May 22nd
Centennial Square

sponsored by Phillips Brewery!
a community event!

The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra
Fish And Bird
Krasnogorsk & the Moscow Country Club
Ball Gag N' Chain Gang
Rachael Cardiello
Get ready for an afternoon and evening of Gypsy-Roots so disarmingly inventive and jam packed, your pants will be danced off before you even have a chance to ask "Why is that guy dressed like a pirate?" Catch all 5 bands before they split on their merry ways to play festivals across North America!


A bit about the bands....

The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra are taking the nation by storm! Two years ago, one may have said Tequila what-now?, but today it's a name on the breath of music lovers everywhere. Expanding their scope in popularity with a four month European tour in 2008, the Tequila Mockingbirds followed it up with a cross Canada (and parts of the US) tour that garnered much recognition. This summer, following their Monday Magazine 'M' Award for Most Promising Local Band, TMO are back on the road playing festivals and concerts in support of their first full length release and culmination of their success to date, "The Blanche Album". Named after their beloved piano-carrying touring bus, Blanche is a beautiful melting pot of sounds, binding Eastern European/klezmer influences with African Rhythms and Americana/Traditional Roots to produce an undeniably addicting beat. It sways through 7 original tracks from dreamy indie rock to a gypsy beat that compels your feet to move, and back again through a gauntlet of hand drums to traditional roots pickin' and bowin'; never losing its continuity. Its an accurate reflection of this maturing band, whose M.O. has been described as "taking your favorite (musical) tradition, and then; playing it with precision and intensity, use it as a rhythm stick to alternately taunt, tremor, and keep the beat with an unrelenting pulse." (Ben Halts, New World Theatre).



Fish & Bird are quickly becoming one of the most exciting folk bands in Canada. With two critically acclaimed records and 7 tours of Canada under their belt since 2007, all the members of the band - Adam Iredale (fiddle), Taylor Ashton (banjo, voice), Ryan Boeur (guitars), Zoe Guigueno (bass) and Ben Kelly (percussion) - are in their early 20s and already making a ruckus on the Canadian music scene with only their DIY ethic and their disarmingly unique brand of roots music.


(meaning blushing or beautiful city in Russian) is the brainchild of conceptual artist/writer/baritone ukelelist Corey Allen Hinchey and filmmaker/ vocalist/violinist Jacques Mindreau. Their music channels the mashing energy of the hitch-hiking fiddler who has been influenced by the mountains, sea, the Quebec manouche movement, Stephan Grappelli, the eastern European sounds of gypsies and Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen to name a few.


Ball Gag N' Chain Gang
are Victoria's Victoria, BC’s self-proclaimed “greatest Ho-Tonk band of all time” deliver high energy shows that are an unpredictable synthesis of gritty rock-edged hillbilly, speed country, shredding guitar solos and old-fashioned banjo licks. Their unforgettable live performances have kept the beer flowin‘ and the party goin’ at bars, pubs, clubs and festivals across western Canada!


Rachael Cardiello
has been a cornerstone of Victorias music scene since her arrival from Montana 4 years ago to study viola. Following Ms Cardiellos music over the past few years is a fanatic fan bass, who have seen her creatively expand, first performing and writing with Anna Atkinson in "Blue Richard and The Apricots", and then composing and arranging with The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra in last years Ambiguous Arts Festival "There Once Was a Girl: A Gypsy Opera", Rachael has also been part of the foundation of Victoria's House Concerts. Still Victoria's best kept secret, Rachael Cardiello will soon be a household name for anyone who chances upon her haunting melodies, and heart wrenching lyrics.


A note from Ambiguous Arts Festivals, and TMO:

Come early! Stay all day! We want to celebrate you all, and thank you for the continuous, and phenomenal support everyone in Victoria has offered all of the above bands over the past few years! You are in our hearts wherever we go! And we are excited to invite you to bring down whatever it is you would like to contribute to this community event! If you'd like to bring hoops, poi, picnics, crafts to sell or trade, anything and everything is welcome (except open booze....but we DO have a beer garden!)! If you would be interested in hosting a workshop, feel free to do so, if you would like it to be advertised, let me know, and I will do my utmost to get the word out, and we can figure out the best spot and time for you to host.

For Saturday May 22nd, Centennial Square is ours! And I cant imagine better folk to share it with! I cant wait to see everyone!

Chandler McMurray, artistic director, ambiguous arts festivals!


  presented by
Ambiguous Arts Festivals and
The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra

Ambiguous Arts Festivals would like to thank Phillips Brewery for their support in this community and not for profit event!